Who are Stour Homes?

Stour Homes is a local, family enterprise developed as a result of two sisters Rosemary and Gillian buying an old bungalow just outside Shaftesbury, North Dorset, to renovate in 2005. With their husbands, David and Eddie, becoming involved over the course of this renovation project, the team effectively combined their knowledge, building skills, artistic flare and passion to produce an outstanding final build.

Following this, the team went on to set up Stour Homes, which has now developed into a highly regarded local business proudly supporting a building portfolio of a wide range of bespoke homes, quality traditional/contemporary country homes throughout the Blackmore Vale, North Dorset.

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Our clients

Many of our clients are looking for the following features when they approach us to build their home:

  • A home that suits all generations
  • A new home with higher specifications than their old home, in a unique setting, providing an improvement in their standard of living
  • Large windows allowing the sun in the winter to provide natural light and warmth, economically
  • Particularly on an early winter morning, walking on a warm floor
  • Spacious kitchen, dining and living areas
  • Oak features providing character
  • Low maintenance
  • Large Shower units
  • Ample parking spaces

Why Choose Stour Homes?

At Stour Homes, we appreciate that your dream home is a major investment. Therefore, it is important that you, the customer, can ensure that its design is perfect for you and your lifestyle.


Small family run business

Enabling us to work with you, the customer, to achieve your ideal home.



Using sustainable resources and high quality building materials.


Bespoke homes, bespoke locations, bespoke aspects

Each house is designed and situated in order to maximise the use of natural light.


High quality workmanship

As experienced property developers Dorset, Stour Homes believe in employing highly skilled, local tradesmen and outstanding architects.


Working within the local environment

Ensuring each custom built home is built to the highest standard and is sympathetic to the local surroundings.


Fully Qualified

Master builder accreditation and 'Professional Consultants' certificates provided.

Meet the Team

Eddie Hudson

With over 30 years in the construction industry, Eddie (pictured right), a master carpenter, with a passion for using natural and sustainable resources, has been a major influence in the inclusion of beautiful oak beams and features in Stour Homes’ building portfolio. In addition, having worked in both Germany and Holland, where the building technologies are renowned for their sustainability and high quality of life, Stour Homes embrace quality building materials and methods to provide spacious traditional/contemporary country houses in the outstanding natural environment, which are perfect for today’s lifestyle.

With experience working for English Heritage and as part of the team involved in the conversion of Wardour Castle, Eddie appreciates the factors and ethos of building in environmentally sensitive locations and the need to work with high-quality materials.

Eddie has also just been awarded the LABC West of England finalist as best 2020 construction professional of the year.

David Coulter

Alongside Eddie, David Coulter brings decades of business experience and success and it is his entrepreneurial flair and single-minded determination that ensure an ever-present focus on client satisfaction. As property developers Dorset, Someset & Wiltshire, David has a strong vision for Stour Homes to provide individual, exceptionally high-standard homes, built by skilled local craftsmen for discerning customers.”


Alongside Eddie and David, Rosemary and Gillian continue to provide a supportive and steadying influence using their own business experience and practicality to help create homes centred around both functionality and flair. David & Rosemary focus on the buying, designing, planning and selling of properties, allowing Eddie & Gillian to concentrate on the most important part of the business, the construction. With first-hand knowledge of having their family home refurbished by Stour Homes, David and Rosemary have a detailed understanding of the range of emotions and factors involved in designing and developing your own beautiful home.

Their home provides prospective clients an introduction to a Stour Homes custom built home; with oak features, it makes the best use of the natural light available with uninterrupted views of the beautiful surrounding countryside. Inside, the rural aesthetic combined with contemporary open-plan living allows them to enjoy this unique space to its full potential.


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